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elevator pitch

Going Up?

Craft an elevator pitch that will take you places. Does …

Bring focus to your speeches

Speak Clearly

Effective speeches start with a clear objective—learn to find your …

Leading Teams Remotely

Tips for Leading Your Team Remotely

How to lead your team effectively while working from home. …


Why Video Marketing Works so Well on Social Media

Learn about the massive impact video can have on your …

Time to rebrand

3 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to Rebrand Your Company

Your brand is your identity. It’s what effectively communicates what …

Finding Balance.jpg

Finding Balance

Achieve real growth professionally through steady progression. We hear a …

Logo Land.jpg

Logo Land

Logos raise awareness. They don’t say who you are. In …


Alamance County’s Ultimate Food Guide

As a service to our community, Ethos Creative Group is …


What the CARES Act Means for You

Learn what the Paycheck Protection Program means for small business …

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