Sanofi Genzyme

Sanofi Genzyme

Strategic Shift

A thoughtful approach to health care content conveys strategic initiatives and drives internal engagement.


Sanofi’s Genzyme division needed its 17,000 employees to learn about and advocate for the company’s new long-term Multi-Channel Engagement (MCE) strategy and tools. With restricted access to field interactions with its Health Care Provider (HCP) customers, the company was shifting to an integrated content and digital marketing approach.


Ethos developed videos for internal distribution based on research into the most effective tone and framing to educate employees and build ambassadorship among Sanofi’s Sales and Marketing teams. The content placed the end-customer (HCPs) at the center of Sanofi’s MCE roll-out strategy and explained how that would drive success.


The content’s positioning as fact-based and partner-focused was a success. Employees were able to quickly understand the vision and dive into details on an MCE microsite. Our client partner asked us to expand the video’s reach, and Ethos produced a global version that was distributed to more than 100,000 Sanofi employees around the world.

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Ethos has a really unique process...they truly got to know our company, digested all of the complex information, and turned it into something that’s not only easy-to-understand, but visually beautiful. Because of their attention to detail, they got it right the first time, and that’s something that can’t be said for most agencies.

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