Memes Marketing

Erica Katz

What comes to mind when you hear the word “memes”? (Asking everyone but Christine, whose son calls her “Meems”.) Do you automatically think of Grumpy Cat or Success Kid? Or perhaps Condescending Wonka and Evil Kermit are among your favorites? Bottom line is you are engaged and entertained by memes. They are memorable and make a lasting impact on the viewer. So it’s not surprising that many brands are adopting memes for their social media marketing campaigns. We take a look at a few of our favorites on today’s blog post.


bark box

The dog product and services subscription box service, BarkBox leveraged memes to engage their followers. Since their audience shares a common love of dogs, they used dog memes to bring this community together. Their followers shared and tagged their friends in these posts creating more brand awareness than typical product promotion does.


curology meme

The skincare company, Curology, is a great example of a company who uses occasional memes in their social media feed. Instead of just reposting a popular meme, they put their own creative spin on it. Their relatability and humor fosters relationships with consumers that are built to last.



Ruffles, the beloved potato chip maker, is a company who has fully embraced meme marketing. Their Twitter bio even once said, “We’re chips. We have ridges. We tweet. Deal with it.” They’ve mastered the art of relevance when it comes to memes. It’s important to contribute to the trend of a meme before followers move on. And to also keep things simple. If you’re planning to incorporate memes into your social media marketing efforts, remember to keep content relatable, creative yet uncomplicated, and timely. Memes are a good way to drive brand awareness and engagement among your social following.


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