Hallmark: FLOOR | 9

Hallmark: FLOOR | 9

Authentic Living

Creating memorable magalogs and branding materials for an eclectic and inventive lifestyle brand.


FLOOR | 9, a new lifestyle brand under the acclaimed family of Hallmark, wanted to set themselves apart in the industry. Their approach, driven by creativity, needed to be highlighted in their magalogs and branding and marketing materials. Ethos helped tell the authentic stories behind the makers and creators living on Floor 9.


Ethos developed an editorial strategy for the product magalogs to help build the brand. This included engaging and inspiring readers by telling the story of the artisans behind the products and offering experience and design tips. These were supported with additional materials such as a brand lookbook, presentation, blog content, social media, mailers, and more.


The content created for FLOOR | 9’s magalogs not only helped the sales team speak to trends and products, it also increased appeal to end users and drove users to retailers. Additionally, it generated content for the FLOOR | 9 blog to help create community by developing relationships with influencers and increasing awareness and reach through social media.


Offering promotion and support through a variety of digital and print marketing tactics.

Floor 9 Product Shots

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m. Biwer, Hallmark