Why Stories Matter

Why Stories Matter


Consumers dig a good narrative, so make sure you are capitalizing on this in your business. Marketing + stories grab consumers.

Before Gutenberg, before television, people told stories. From oral tales passed down over the centuries, to cave drawings, we have always searched for ways to communicate with each other in narrative form. There is even science that backs this up, showing how are brains react to a story. If you aren’t telling your consumer a good story through your marketing efforts, you are missing out on eons of evidence that show how a good yarn really grabs people’s attention.

Tell an interesting story

Listing your company’s features isn’t likely to hold someone’s attention for long. Skip these kinds of boring details and focus on what sparks a reaction—for instance, what are your business’s values? Why do you or your employees like best about the work you do? How is your business making a difference in your community? Where will your industry be in the future? All of these are options that could provide a compelling narrative consumers will respond to.

Keep content approachable

Let’s face it, most of us like to keep things pretty simple. This includes what we enjoy reading and the language that we find relatable. When writing content, skip the $10 words and opt for language that is easy to understand. You don’t want to use terms and phrases that are over people’s heads or leave them feeling like you are talking down to them. If they don’t understand or they get bored, you’ve lost them.

Would you read it?

Finally, when considering any content, be it longer form options such as a blog post or even something short like a Twitter ad, ask yourself if you didn’t work for your business would you read it? If it isn’t written in a way that an outsider can relate to, consumers can’t be bothered. What is the angle that will draw someone in? People are emotional, so look for ways to excite them.

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