Building Guest Loyalty


Loyalty matters in any business, but hospitality is nothing without it. Got Guests? Here’s how to keep ‘em loyal.

The numbers vary, but it’s common knowledge in business that keeping an existing customer is cheaper than finding a new one. That is where loyalty comes into play, especially in the hospitality industry. While, it used to be enough to give regular customers a loyalty card for points and call it a day, today’s consumer is a bit savvier. If you find your guests asking ‘what have you done for me lately,’ here’s what you should consider:

Points? Fugetaboutit!

The focus of hotel loyalty used to be points. However today’s consumers are turning their attention to experiences. Research conducted by rDialogue found that members of guest loyalty programs favor experiences by 67% and a program that recognizes them by 78%. Basically customers now want the same loyalty from brands that brands have long asked for themselves.

Personalized experiences

So if loyalty has moved past the transactional, what does that mean for the hospitality industry. It’s time to talk about experiences. What today’s traveler means by this goes beyond simply telling your guest about an activity they may like. It’s about any sort of personalized interaction that is relevant to the guest, from an activity to guidance to skipping a line.

Easy peasy purchasing

In our hurry-up, go-faster world, saving time for a guest is an extremely effect way of earning and keeping their loyalty. Technology has certainly made this easier for hospitality companies, but it’s not the only means to achieve this end. The multiple ways customers can book rooms is great for them, but challenging for hotels. It’s essential to recognize guests and remember them no matter how they book, as well as simplifying areas such as one-click booking and mobile functionality.

Keep it fresh and smile

Finally, staying in the consumer’s mind is another factor in generating loyalty. Communication matters, whether it is on social media or other forms. However, these customer interactions shouldn’t be solely centered on advertisements. Instead, offer a mix of fun and informative content that keeps your brand on their brain.


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