3 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to Rebrand Your Company

Erica Katz

Erica Katz

Your brand is your identity. It’s what effectively communicates what you do to who you do it for. Now is the time to rebrand your company.

We may not know who said it first, but nothing could be truer: Change is the only constant. And those who are most adaptable to change have the strongest chance of survival. Never before has this adage felt so accurate.

Here are three reasons why now is the best time to rebrand your company:

Everyone is glued to their phones.

With so much of the world closed and social distancing, people are stuck at home with a lot of time, time they’re spending on their devices. This makes it a great time to be noticed and receive feedback from this captivate audience.

Communication strategies have changed.

Between the global pandemic, anti-racism protests and an upcoming election, the world is shifting. Companies must find innovative ways to reach their employees, customers and talent pools that communicate commitment, flexibility, authenticity and compassion.

Your business is pivoting.

For many, business is slow, layoffs are underway and the search to attract new customers is more important than ever. Some companies are even taking their businesses in new directions to adapt. This makes a rebranding essential. (See 10 Examples of How Covid-19 Forced Business Transformation)

Understanding when and why to rebrand your company is the first step. Your creative agency takes care of the how. Revitalizing and adapting your brand successfully in a time of change can lead to greater opportunities. Ignoring this opportunity could mean getting passed by.


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