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Erica Katz

5 Steps to creating a brand ambassador program from within your company.

If you’re brainstorming ways to further promote your product, drive sales or create better brand awareness, look within. The people who already work for your company are your brand’s most valuable advocates. It’s not the influencers or celebrities, it’s the people in your very own network who care most about your brand. Start with these five steps to create your company’s brand ambassador program geared toward employees.

Identify your goals.

One of the most important steps is identifying what it is you’re trying to achieve with your brand ambassador program. How else can you measure your results? For example, if your goal is to increase brand awareness by reaching a higher audience via social media, establish baseline data in the beginning to measure your progress.

Make sure your employees understand your brand.

You might be surprised that many employees don’t have a solid understanding of what your company stands for. Your brand ambassadors must fully understand your brand’s purpose, mission and vision to be able to represent your company effectively.

Choose the right representatives.

It’s important to choose the right employees as brand ambassadors. These employees should be passionate and enthusiastic about their jobs. They should be good communicators who are positive and authentic.

Set guidelines.

Before your brand ambassadors set out to reach their goals, make sure they’ve been equipped with the right tools for the job. For example, make sure that you have communications guidelines in place. While the ambassadors can and should infuse their own personalities into their messaging, they should also be consistent with how your company communicates.

Celebrate your success.

Your brand ambassadors should be celebrated for doing a good job. Set up prizes or incentives to get employees engaged in the ambassador program. For example, General Electric shares ambassadors’ content on their own social media channel, @GEPublicAffairs.

With the proper planning and training, you’ll be able to achieve a successful brand ambassador program from right within your own company.


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