Graphic Boom


Mic drop on 2020 graphic trends. What graphic design trends will make the most noise in the new year?

The thing about trends is they just keep coming. Want some thoughts on which graphic design styles will be fire in 2020? Read on for our guesses of the top bets for the new year.

  • For Real
    Expect to see graphics with more depth and realism than ever, as more designers embrace the opportunities today’s tech provides for creating 3D work.
  • Going Mono
    Unlike the kissing disease, usage of a monochromatic color effect in graphics won’t leave you exhausted. If anything the look is a fresh reboot of the previous passion for duotone.
  • Shine On
    Metallic effects are, as the cool kids are saying, lit for 2020. If you are searching for a way to connote class or luxury, a pop of a metallic color will get your message across.
  • Type Setter In 2019, the trend was for typography to go big. Moving forward, expect to see type decorated with all sorts of flowers, shapes and other creative elements. And when the two trends come together, the impact is impressive.
  • Line Up Line drawings, especially when animated, will be key in the months ahead. A simple illustrated style is an exceptionally clean look that helps clearly share a concept. Even illustrations that have been simplified offer a fresh look in 2020.
  • Tonal Throwback No you haven’t gone back in time, earthy hues and retro 1950 designs are still a go-to inspiration for graphic designs. Don’t be surprised to see lots of looks that seem to be inspired by blasts from the past.
  • Busy Times
    Patterns are back baby! And in 2020 they will be paired with textures in a less than traditional way. Combining the two will be on point in graphic designs.
  • Nat Geo
    Creating designs with basic geometric shapes result in a simple look, that is,
    in reality, anything but simple to produce. This design style will continue to reign in 2020.


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