Travel + Leisure: New Employer Brand

Travel + Leisure Co.

Making a Statement

Bringing an employer brand to life for the world’s largest travel company.


After Travel + Leisure Co. underwent an organizational restructuring that resulted in a new brand architecture, there was a need to establish an overarching employer brand. The company needed to stand out and communicate the value they offer to prospective talent as an employer-of-choice, and to also give them a consistent framework for reinforcing their commitment to existing associates. 


Ethos established a visual identity for Travel + Leisure Co.’s employer brand that included a comprehensive, 107-page Brand Guidelines document, which detailed how the brand and its messaging should be applied to all communications. A new Careers website was also designed along with email marketing templates, social media posts and a brand narrative video. The new branding was announced with a keynote presentation and print and digital signage at the company’s leadership summit.


With the launch of the new comprehensive employer brand, sub-brands gained more awareness of their part in the parent company. Recruiters became aligned on talent acquisition methods and talent marketing became more cohesive. Careers messaging became consistent across all platforms and departments and employees received a better understanding of the company’s value being offered to them.