Cone Health: People + Culture

Cone Health

People + Culture

A brand campaign announcing the redesigned human
resources department of a prominent health care group.


Cone Health’s People + Culture department needed to execute their new and improved approach to human resources. Their team blends leadership and execution for people-related functions, such as performance, operations, development, strategy and culture as well as diversity, equity and inclusion by bridging the gaps and breaking down silos.


Ethos developed a narrative video and digital magazine for internal distribution to debut the revamped People + Culture department.
It was unveiled at a division-wide presentation of the new communication strategy. Ethos equipped team members with brand standards, a message house, communications templates and an employee brand ambassador program. 


People + Culture has changed the face of Cone Health to employees. The tone of all communication now reflects the work being done. The success of these efforts continues to add value to Cone Health by bringing forth the best work that each and every team is capable of achieving. Employees are more informed, more collaborative and more cohesive in their communications.

Cone Health P+C Assets
Cone Health One Team Poster
People and Culture Video Production
Cone Health Plus+ Magazine Digital
Cone Health Plus+ Magazine Tablet

Ethos is what I like to call “The Dream Team”. Their dedication to the success of this conference is beyond measure. They really do think of everything, and the event keeps getting better every year.

Tammy Myrick, Director of marketing, People & Culture