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What will be all the rage in typography in 2019?

Sure, we may have sing-songed “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” on the playground as kids, but the truth is words matter—and for the world of design, how those words look is equally important. Want your prose to stand out from the crowd in 2019? Then take a peek at the typography trends that will be hot in the months ahead.

Big. Bigger. Best.

When it comes to fonts, size matters in 2019. But don’t think that going big means going over the top. The essential component of this trend is minimalism. So, when upping your font size, keep it simple or you will end up with a busy mess.

Grading on a curve

Serifs may have gotten a bad rap in the past, but more and more designers will be embracing the curvy lines of serif fonts throughout 2019. If you need some inspiration, look back to Art Nouveau styles to see how to make the most of this style of lettering.

Keep it personal

Want to create content or a logo for your brand that is one-of-a-kind? You gotta do a custom font. When no one else has it, then your typography stands to represent you and you alone.

Welcome to my lab

Like to color outside the lines? Then the next year in typography will be right up your alley. Experiment with everything—size, color, legibility. This look is about grabbing the maximum amount of attention. You can worry about whether or not your message was clear later.

Push boundaries

Adjacent to the experimental trend in typography is the trend of ignoring margins. Who needs stinkin’ rules anyway? Let your type run off the page, down the edges and into the sunset.


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