The Art of Event Planning



Bigger, better, more memorable–that could be your next event.

Unless you are Martha Stewart, you’ve probably sweated the idea of planning an event. Since most of us aren’t born natural party planners, feeling confident about the creation and execution of a group gathering—particularly when it is business related—can be daunting. But we’ve drilled down into what will be in vogue in 2019 to keep your party game fresh.

Streamline with technology

We are not a patient people. So, anything you can do at an event to move things along, and, well, keep the party going is a must. Tech is definitely your new best friend in this regard. Depending on the scope of your event, this can mean anything from facial recognition software to speed up the check-in process, to faster translation with in-time audio directly from individuals’ phones to chatbots that are programmed to help with customer service issues.

Find better locations

Our obsession with the unique shows no signs of fading, which is why quirky, out-of-the-ordinary locations are very hot in 2019. You want a location that will not only impress attendees, but also that will rise above what they have come to expect. You have this trend to thank for the rise of pop-up shops and events.

Bring online to life

Another essential focus of events in the future is melding the online social experience with what is happening in real time. This may sound like an organic thing, but it actually requires some engineering on the event planner’s part. Determine what moments offer the most shareable potential, then brainstorm creative ways to generate buzz around those experiences to get people to post about them. You don’t want to leave it to chance and miss a great promotional opportunity.

Inject meaning

People have a lot on their plates. They want to be assured that whatever event they are attending is worth taking time away from their lives. Think about ways you can inject meaning into your event. This means giving attendees information or content to take back to their careers that has real value. Skip this, and people are likely to pass on your next gathering.

Keep it personal

There really is no realm of marketing or advertising that can’t be improved with a bit of personalization. People are tired of feeling like a faceless number, and they are less likely to pay attention to anything, including your event, if they don’t feel like it directly speaks to them. A great way to get your potential attendees invested in your event is to reach out to them in advance and ask for their insights. You learn what they want, so you provide content they will find valuable, and the attendees feel like the event is really for them. They are happy, you are happy. Now that’s a successful event!


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