Social media

Social Video Ads and You

Make the most of video advertising for your brand.


According to Magna Global, $2.1 billion was spent in 2016 in the social video market. That was a 140 percent increase in the U.S. over the previous year. Obviously how people learn about companies is rapidly changing, and social media’s role is still growing. Here’s a bit more for you to chew on in terms of how to adapt your advertising efforts toward this new mobile- and video-centric world.

Areas of concern

First things first—most agencies focus on social platforms, not so much on the idea of mobile by itself. Rather than being platform-driven, try concentrating instead on the idea of mobile advertising itself. Many experts feel this is an untapped market, ripe for agencies to exploit.

If you are open to the idea of social video advertising or mobile video advertising, you still may not be sure exactly how you or your client fits in to this area. And perhaps even more importantly, you may be completely stuck as to how you can make money from social video. Spend some time studying what video ads are most successful. How long are they? What do they focus on? Let these answers guide you in your efforts.

Finally, more consumers are now connecting on smaller screens, and the shift to mobile viewing will only increase. You have to be sure that the video content you create is geared toward this mobile world. If your assets are not optimized for mobile, you are potentially driving away a lot of traffic.

How to capitalize

If those are the areas you need to be aware of, what are the ways you can capitalize on this trend to the benefit of your company/product/brand? The great thing about video advertising is it allows you to interact with customers in a variety of ways, from your company’s website to your Facebook page to your mobile app.

One thing that is essential for making this whole experience work for consumers is keeping each outlet connected. Any one viewing your advertising videos via any touch point needs to find the experience seamless.

Your video ad options

In-stream video advertising is one way to get your content in front of consumers. Displaying before the start of a video, this may not be the most effective option, but there are things you can do to boost your conversion rates. For instance, direct any traffic from the ad to a coordinating YouTube channel or website for your brand (where they will find even more videos). Also, be sure to include a solid call-to-action within your in-stream video. Both of these provide continued engagement from the consumer, which is your goal.

Social video advertising is obviously another important option today. Most platforms give advertisers the ability to target their content to the news feeds of particular user’s. This route requires you to create videos that are focused on the interests and demographics of each group. But beware, a study has shown that Facebook viewers, for instance, only watch videos for about 18 seconds. So, you’ve got to hit them with your message fast if you want to grab a customer’s attention and possibly keep it.

Finally, there’s mobile video advertising. Global mobile traffic continues to increase, and video is the preferred content of mobile users. This is an area that you don’t want to neglect. While mobile videos seem to hold consumers’ attention for longer that doesn’t mean you can get long-winded. The focus is still brevity, so videos need to stay in the 16 to 30 second range to be effective.

Overall, the key is to continue offering a cross-channel strategy. In this regard, video is not different than any other marketing or advertising efforts. The more people see your product or brand, the more likely they are to remember you when the time is right.