Graphic design

Graphic Design’s Future

Are you ready for where graphic design will go in the future?

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The world of design is in constant flux, so rolling with whatever new comes your way is a necessity. And sometimes that new stuff can be pretty exciting. We wondered what was ahead for the world of graphic design and the people who work in that field. The impact of technology will continue to be huge. We break down several of the biggest ways below.

Say hello to HAL

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) has given many tech insiders pause, but the simple fact appears to be that smarter and smarter machines are in our future. Although hopefully it never comes to the point of replicating the 2001: A Space Odyssey conversation (HAL: I know that you and Frank were planning to disconnect me, and I'm afraid that's something I cannot allow to happen.), A.I. is bound to have a major impact on many careers, graphic design among them.

For instance, design tools will be able to create hundreds of variations of a design given the right details and constraints. If graphic designers won’t be tied up with this work, what will they be needed for? One thing human designers can still provide is the ability to curate and refine the many variations that A.I. can create.

Additionally, as new technologies develop for virtual worlds, graphic designers will still play an essential role in this new design frontier. Lots of other jobs will incorporate more and more “design thinking,” aka creative and social intelligence, to solve issues. The future of graphic design may involve focusing on other contexts in other disciplines to boost their employability.

The Matrix has you

Virtual reality, 3-D printing, smart homes—these innovations will have a lot to do with the future direction of graphic design. More and more designers will be tasked with this interaction between man and machines. Even the tools that designers use in their work are anticipated to morph from today’s 2-D to 4-D mediums that aren’t static. Sometimes referred to as “ethereal design,” it will embrace more than your sense of sight, but also involve sound, touch and the 4th dimension—time.

Also, people will still want all this new tech to be pretty. Designers will be asked to keep the future stylish. Finally, as we mentioned above a broader skill set—think multidiscipline—will permeate design. This is important for graphic designers’ job prospects, as well as their employers who will desire (and value!) designer’s ability to uncovering new and different opportunities by engaging their unique eye and abilities to see things from a different perspective.