21st Century Digital World

To succeed in our digital age, your company must master four capabilities.


The dynamic between consumers and content producers has dramatically shifted. Now more than ever, consumers are in control, demanding greater and greater flexibility in terms of how they access and interact with media. Understanding, anticipating and adapting to digital trends is essential for any business that wants to keep consumers engaged with their brand. We break down the four areas you must master to achieve success.

Customer first

Everyone says they put the customer first, but are you really doing that with your digital efforts? Even ads today need to deliver a great experience to users. While some companies, especially larger ones, may address this concern by hiring someone to specifically focus on customers, the focus needs to spread across the entirety of the organization. No matter your company’s size, the focus on the customer needs to be a top down proposition that leadership not only expresses but also espouses daily.

Design matters

Just because you are focusing on customers doesn’t mean you should be sacrificing design. If anything, design should still be your primary focus. Why? Because the two are really linked. Customers aren’t going to fall in love with products that aren’t aesthetically pleasing or that don’t perform their function, aka that aren’t designed well. Not concentrating on how your product or service is designed or asking if it accomplishes all you want it to do in an easy-to-use way, will result in dissatisfied customers—regardless of how great your digital efforts are.

Mobile rules

There is no escaping the prominence of mobile in our day-to-day lives. And all signs point to mobile gaining even more ground in terms of how we connect. A company that wants to succeed in the digital age must take into account mobile if they want to have an advantage. Consumers are demanding effortlessness in all their online interactions, and mobile is the way to meet that call.

Embrace innovation

Just like the customer first philosophy needs to be company-wide, so too should a willingness to engage in risk and experimentation. Instead of focusing on short-term results, try rewarding those who work hard to introduce innovation in either products, services or both. In the future, the truly successful companies will be the ones where staff at every level felt permitted, even encouraged, to innovate and separate themselves from their competitors.