The Power of the Podcast


Is podcast marketing right for your business? Tap into podcasts’ popularity.

Podcasts are hot. How hot you ask? Well according to a 2019 CBS News poll, almost a quarter of Americans (23%) listen to podcasts a few times a week, while two-thirds tune in at least once in a while. Remember radio? While it’s certainly not the hip and happening medium it was a 100 years ago, but if you think about it, podcasts are really radio 2.0. Which means they are a prime opportunity for marketing. Here are some tips for how you can decide if creating a podcast is right for promoting your company, and, if so, the best way to maximize your efforts.

What’s old is new

Podcasts, unlike last century’s radio ads, allow companies to hyper target their audience. Personalization continues to be a big deal when it comes to marketing messages, and podcasts present lots of opportunities to speak to niche audiences. All it takes is finding the podcast that speaks to the group you are interested in.

Boost your SEO

An added benefit of marketing via podcast is the SEO your business can capitalize on as a result. When your company is featured on a podcast, the episode should link to your brand’s webpage as well as the sites of all the podcast’s guests. The podcast’s title is particularly important, because that’s a big factor in how iTunes algorithm ranks podcasts and for Google Play, the podcast’s description is also searchable. Optimizing the title and description means using the right keywords, as well as keeping it compelling and clean. Do this, and you should be on track.

Make your own

Of course, the ultimate way to capitalize on the power of the podcast is to create your own. Many companies have started doing just that. The best are the ones that truly understand their audience and gear the content and tone to suit them. Doing it professionally is a must. That means an intro with a professional voice actor that harkens (again!) back to the radio show days of old, i.e. an introduction that establishes your company as an expert, entices people to listen and gives listeners a call to action. Finally, be sure each episode has unique art (that you can pin on Pinterest) and a transcript (that you can publish on a blog post or other social media). All that is left is to promote your podcast via email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and any other outlet you can.