The Authentic Hotel Experience


Creating a local-focused and authentic experience is the latest stay trend. Bye-bye big box hotel. Hello local experience.

The days of hitting the highway and being happy to pull over for the night at a familiar, cookie-cutter, name-brand hotel have come and gone. Today’s travelers are looking for experiences that are unique for each destination. Particularly luxury travelers are seeking destinations and hospitality that zeros in on their desire for authentic experiences.

Is your hotel locally relevant?

Whether it’s an historical building that has been converted into a hotel or a property that is designed to incorporate the local flavor and culture, guests want hospitality couched in a form that feels organic to the location. Items such as furniture and art can go a long way towards expressing the kind of attention to local detail that is hot now.

What is a memorable travel experience?

The key is in capturing the human side of a location—not the most famous monuments or sites, but the human interactions you have while traveling. Millennials in particular are drawn to vacations and getaways that allow them to be a part of a different culture. Another common goal is a journey that helps a traveler learn more about themselves.

Which trends make a hotel more authentic?

To start, think beyond the standard amenities. A hotel that provides an authentic, local experience likely attracts locals and travelers alike. Why? Because it offers facilities that stand out. For instance, a lobby becomes more than a place to merely check in. A call for more communal spaces means that thanks to food and beverage options and seating options, a lobby can truly become a gathering place.

Consumers are seeking to create lifestyles in their homes, and they expect the same in the hotels they frequent. The tendency in hospitality design is to gravitate toward a contemporary style that can read as too bland due to its ubiquity. Use textures to add richness and dimension, and be sure to give nods to the local lifestyle to maximize the authenticity.