Enliven Your Brand


Give your look a boost in 2019 with the latest trends in animation and logos.

We’ve waxed poetic about brands on, well, several occasions. From brand archetypes to working on your own personal brand to even the specifics of how branding can build traffic for destination marketing organizations. Those are just a few examples of our previous branding thoughts, but for 2019 let’s take a dive into how anticipated trends in logos, animation and illustrations can set your brand apart from the crowd.

More about logos

A logo isn’t something a company should change without a lot of thought. But, if it is time to freshen your logo look, consider what’s trending in logo design for 2019. To start with, the web has made semi-flat logos popular because they look like they are coming off the page slightly. This is done through the use of shadows and gradient colors, and the overall effect implies that your company is up-to-date and on trend.

Speaking of gradients, that’s another way to freshen the look of your logo in 2019. Using gradients can create a bold look, one that embraces the ongoing overall design trend of bright colors. Finally, another hot logo update in the next year will be the return of the 80s. Again, this trend takes advantage of bold colors, but it also incorporates strong patterns and an embrace of an over-the-top aesthetic.

More about animation

Another expected trend in 2019 is taking those logos to the next level via animation. The movement not only brings a logo to life, it also gives it that little extra “umph” to make it stick in someone’s memory. There’s a lot of subtlety at work here when your brand embraces the use of an animated logo—it hints that your business has embraced the future and technology.

More about illustrations

Finally, in 2019 expect to see an increase in the use of illustrations by brands to promote themselves. Whether it is an illustration inspired by anime or one that gives a nod to futuristic design, the right one can really elevate your content and message. A well-crafted illustration can communicate a lot, conveying a certain style, feel or even message in a way that sadly words sometimes can’t. When you commission a bespoke illustration, you are getting a look that will be linked to your brand and your brand only, not to mention the fact that an illustration is bound to be eye-catching.

On-trend logos, animations and illustrations can liven your branding efforts in 2019. Overall, understanding your audience is key to properly tailor these elements to catch their interest.