“Ad”-ing It Up


Adapt to thrive–marketing in 2019 and beyond.

Will your business find success this year? The answer to that question has a lot to do with what marketing and advertising methods you employ during that time. You may not be a fan of change, but in the world of marketing, there are trends afoot that will have a big impact on your livelihood. Ignoring them could even put you out of business. Read on for the top marketing trends that will be making a difference in 2019.

Vying via video

Whether it is live video or video ads beyond traditional television ads, the role of video will be bigger in 2019. Both are an effective means to capture the public’s attention, which continues to shorten. A live video can be an effective tool on social media to boost engagement and create excitement. Video billboards, particularly when used in transit stations, have the potential to grab people’s eye in a way that static signs or billboards simply don’t.

 Social, stories & speakers

These three “S’s” of marketing will continue to have a huge impact in 2019. Social media leads the pack. One reason why social is so influential is that it allows smaller businesses, or anyone with limited resources for that matter, the opportunity to have a big impact. Advertising stories will be important because of the influence they can have. An ad that tells a story not only packs more of an emotional punch, it also has more longevity with your consumer. Finally, smart speakers, like Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri, have the potential to be creative ways to reach consumers when used effectively. They may be a new avenue to think about in terms of marketing, but they shouldn’t be ignored.

 Machine powered

Artificial intelligence hasn’t begun to have the impact on marketing that it probably will. For instance, marketing automation software is going to play more of a role in lead generation. It has the potential to make a big difference in lead scoring, in particular. This would allow you to better determine if a lead will actually convert into a customer.

The technology behind search engine optimization (SEO) will also be impacted by technology. Voice searching—thanks to speakers, i.e. Siri, Alexa and the whole gang—is going to impact how Google searches. Now SEO is about keywords; this new version, known as semantic SEO, will be working out what the voice command meant in its entirety.