Repeat Visitors

How are successful destination marketing organizations (DMOs) enticing travelers back time after time?

Technology has dramatically changed the way that travelers shop for their next vacation. As a result, destination marketing organizations (DMOs) have had to shift their marketing strategies to capture repeat business. If travel is your game, and repeat customers your objective, read on for some ideas on how to keep your customers coming back for more.

Freshen up your web presence

The first focus for a DMO is their website. It’s what potential travel customers see first, and if it isn’t current looking and offering up-to-date information, those potential customers will keep searching.

Equally vital these days is your mobile/app presence. According to Criteo’s Travel Flash Report, “Any travel advertiser with a booking app saw 33% of bookings come through mobile web and 27% of bookings come through their apps.” Simply put, your website and mobile presence must be responsive so it works on whatever screen your customer is using, or you will lose business. It also has to be visually compelling. Spend some time ensuring that what your clients see when they first hit your site, before scrolling down, captures their attention and is memorable.

Embrace self-promotion

Spreading the word about your DMO is essential, and in social media, particularly, Instagram, is your best bet. Use it to emphasize your brand and promote your business via high-quality visuals. Create a hashtag for the destination, promote it and then make sure you are regularly monitoring it to keep the locale trending positively on social media. Beyond Instagram, it’s a good idea to offer regular online content, from blog posts to eBooks, that will solidify your DMO as an expert and reward repeat customers with superior advice and guidance. The key is giving the honest “scoop” that is true to your business and offers a clear call to action that guarantees conversions.

Learn about the hot new tech

Ever feel like you can’t quite stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest technology for promoting your business? We feel ya. The one area that can give you a big return on your investment is virtual reality. This is a great way for DMOs to showcase a destination in a manner that really provides people a feel for what the place will be like during their stay. It can be a great supplement to more traditional techniques, and it offers an immersive experience that customers really respond to.

Take advantage of data

There is so much information out there now about what people want, from their grocery preferences to what car they will buy next. Mine that data for insights into what travelers are looking for in a destination and adjust your marketing strategies accordingly. Utilizing this scientific approach gives you the download on what influences your customers travel decisions, what they respond to and what resources they are using to plan their journeys.