Take Your Social Media Live

Got a hot event or product? Using live social media is a great way to spread the word.


Video really is the reigning champ of today’s branding and marketing efforts. If your company isn’t using Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Snapchat or Instagram Stories to promote your events and products, then you might as well be using carrier pigeons to share your news.

Need convincing? Seventy nine percent of internet traffic is expected to be video content this year. And previous years have shown us that social video is more powerful than text and images combined. Social video has been shown to generate 1,200 percent more shares.

That’s just a taste of why live social media is important. Here are five ideas to help you best utilize it.

Questions and answers, baby!

One of the things that consumers like so much about live social media is the degree of authenticity they feel it offers. You can tap into that feeling via a live Q&A session about your company or a new product. The great thing about doing a live Q&A is it gives you some immediate feedback on your efforts to help you learn what viewers/consumers want, in addition to increasing your audience engagement.

Teach it and they will come.

Another popular live social media video format is the tutorial. The internet has become a treasure trove of information on how to do everything, from making a pavlova to changing your oil. Tap into this craving for step-by-step guides by creating your own that showcases your business’s expertise or highlights how to properly use one of your products.

Show folks around.

You can also simply create a video that gives consumers an insider’s view of your business or facility. This kind of tour video is relatively easy to do, and it affords you the chance to personalize your company or brand. It’s also a fairly relaxed option if you are still uncertain about being out in front of the camera.

Breaking news alert.

Got a new product coming out? Need to make a big announcement? Copy the cable news networks and do your own breaking news live video to share the details. This is an effective way to not only share news, but also to give your followers the feel of being “in the know” about what is cooking with your company.

Do your best Vanna White.

Not sure that your brand or company works for any of these ideas? Then channel Vanna White on Wheel of Fortune and simply show a product. It doesn’t have to be new and you don’t have to teach people anything, you simply display the product and explain what it does. This can be a good way to get your feet wet with live social media video if you are nervous about it.