Photography in Focus

We take a long exposure look at what’s up in the world of pictures.


Authenticity, perspective, minimalism—all are trends in photography that are either on track to continue or develop further in the months ahead. What’s driving these trends? What else can you expect to see across media? We unreel what’s to come in the world of pictures below.


Social media

Yes, we know—just when you think that social media has influenced all it possibly can, something else is affected by this never ceasing juggernaut. Currently that means the influence of social media is impacting the imagery that marketers, advertisers and even independent filmmakers are using. What’s the goal? All are seeking greater authenticity. Forget the need for expertly styled and created images, social media is spawning a quest for photos that are spontaneous, unposed and very true to life.

Immersive content

Another recent trend in photography hinges on the perspective behind the image, i.e. who’s taking the photo. This idea will continue to be important, especially with the upswing in virtual reality content. Camera technology that allows for 360 degree views also play into this. Imagery will be more immersive and, as a result, more engaging than ever.


Fashion realism

Of course, fashion photography is a huge part of this world, and there are definitely some changes in these images as well. In line with the influence of less polished, social media photos, even fashion photography is taking a step back from highly styled images to rawer, more minimalistic results. Even the hair and makeup has been left more untouched to amplify this aesthetic.

Analog resurgence

The debate over digital or analog is far from over in the photography world. Just as some still love albums and shun digital downloads in the music world, supporters of film photography aren’t dialing back on their admiration of the old-school medium. That being said, in terms of digital photography, a whole raft of new tech is opening up the possibilities for great images from smartphones.