Digital Marketing—What’s Next?

Boost your leads, conversions and engagement with these strategies.


To state the obvious, the key to any successful marketing endeavor is grabbing those eyeballs first, and then converting them into customers. But recognizing that and realizing it are two different things. We’ve got a hit list of five things you should consider when crafting any marketing plan.

#1—Micro Moments

We do a lot on our phones these days. You may not even realize how much you interact with your mobile device. But a good marketing plan should be aware of that fact and use it to their company’s advantage. Google has found that 96% of people use their smartphone for research when a question or a need comes up. If you can quickly and successfully provide someone with the information they are searching for in that moment about your brand, you are on your way to building a relationship of trust, and, eventually, a buying relationship.

#2—Videos Help

There is something about capturing a moment in a video that makes it more real. This holds true in marketing, as in most things. Obviously, introductions such as Facebook Live and Instagram Stories have been built on people’s connection to videos. Creating an attachment and deeper connection with your consumer is just one video away.

#3—Keep it Personal

Personalized experiences with your consumer are easier than ever. What’s more, they are expected by a growing number of consumers. If you want to engage more effectively you need to shift from static content to rich content that helps you provide an experience that is unique for each user.

#4—Create Influencers

Before the internet, we asked our neighbors, friends and families for their recommendations, thoughts and opinions. Now we seek all of that online as well. Or as it is known in today’s world—an influencer. Cultivating your brand’s own influencers is important to help promote your business through positive word-of-mouth.

#5—Focus on Content

What you say still matters. Using good writers to craft content that resonates with customers is an important step in any marketing plan. A talented and knowledgeable team of content creators are essential to helping your customers feel a connection with your brand.