Never Boring

Visual trends are never stagnant, and 2018 is no exception, but are you ready for what’s next?


We won’t begin to armchair philosophize too much on this one, but many of the potentially big graphic design trends in 2018 appear to be centered on the idea of things not being quite right—glitchy, distorted and otherwise off-kilter. But don’t take our word for it. We’ll let you decide for yourself.



Call it the glitch effect or the corrupted image, but what was once perceived as a mistake is becoming a desired visual effect. 


Take an image and make it appear ripped, scratched or somehow broken. Now you have an idea of the next oh-so-hot 2018 design trend, where the more ruined the look is, the cooler the vibe.


Playing with color channels gives designers a way to create an image that appears holographic or distorted. This sense of a graphic hallucination is poised for more influence. Meanwhile, true holographic images are declining in popularity in graphic design.



Whether the double exposure effect is obtained via duotones or double color light, the look of doubling or overlapping an image in monochrome or through color channel splitting feels futuristic and ahead of its time. What is soon to be past its prime are straight-up duotones, as this trend continues to evolve.


Colors that pop will continue to draw attention in 2018 in visual design. This trend shows no sign of going away any time soon, but it feels especially fresh when used in a 3D image.


Lest we forget the visual potential with typography, expect to see creative use of type where the letters become the art themselves. Other trends to follow are cropped lettering, where parts of the font are erased, or chaotic typography, where the letters are almost scrambled.



Another way that graphic designers will get your attention in 2018 is through the inclusion of metallics.