Staying on Trend with Color

Blaze the correct path with your color palette to grab the most eyeballs.


The “it” colors on the runways have a way of trickling down to other facets of our life, including anything to do with graphic design, marketing and content. Stay on top of what hues may rule in your line of work with these insights from color experts such as Behr and Pantone.

On the Catwalk

Designers in New York will be showcasing a more multi-faceted approach to color in 2018, according to the PANTONE Fashion Color Trend Report Spring 2018 edition. The 12 shades highlighted in the report represent consumers interest in self-expression through a broader and more unique approach to color—both seasonally and in how shades are combined together.

The palette includes:

  • Meadowlark - a bright yellow shade
  • Cherry Tomato - an orangey red
  • Little Boy Blue - a clear sky blue
  • Chili Oil - an earthy brown
  • Pink Lavender - a violet rose
  • Blooming Dahlia - a peach shade
  • Arcadia - a green with blue undertones
  • Ultra Violet - a deeper purple color
  • Emperador - a chocolate brown
  • Almost Mauve - a light petal pink
  • Spring Crocus - a bold fuchsia
  • Lime Punch - a citrus green

For the Home

Trends in fashion and trends for the home can and do converge, but for 2018 Behr is touting a shade they call “In the Moment.” A blue-green they describe as serene, “In the Moment” was selected after research looking at global and cultural trends, from the rise of the Scandinavian lifestyle idea of hygge to the continued popularity in sales of coastal-inspired décor.

While the color Behr thinks will rule in the home in 2018 may be calming, they aren’t trying to put homeowners into a slumber. The paint giant recommends pairing the subtle shade with a bold pop of color, for instance an orange red they call “Civara.” (Apparently, this is an instant where fashion and home décor really are colliding, with Pantone’s own orangey red suggestion “Cherry Tomato” mirroring Behr’s pick.)

Any way you slice it, color plays an influential role in our lives, from what we wear, to how we decorate our homes to the design used by companies. Which colors will you embrace in 2018?