Trip the Web Fantastic

One thing is certain—the internet is ever-changing. See what’s on tap in 2018.


Being behind the times is truly the kiss of death for designers. Not that we advocate blindly following trends, but if you aren’t constantly tweaking and updating your style, then you shouldn’t be surprised when the work starts to peter out.

That’s why we’re offering a peek behind the curtain of what you should be thinking about design-wise in the months ahead if you want to be certain your work looks like it belongs in the here and now. 

Design is not static

Today’s web creations are responsive and dynamic. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at times, because something that seemed so of the moment just a few years ago may now read as tired and dated. But don’t get discouraged. The solution is to focus on the fact that all this constant change will keep you fresh and allow you to never get bored.

Naturally geo

The use of geometric shapes—circles, patterns and lines—first popped up several years ago, but it has continued to grow and adapt, and it’s still very current feeling in web design, especially when mixed in with flat or material design..

Bright, but not flashy

Colors are still very much a part of web design, particularly multi-gradient colors. And just as the geometrics play well with flat or material design, those two methods also pair well with bold, juice-inspired hues. And you can have fun mixing shades, but it needs to be a subdued pairing.

Get acquainted with graphics

There are a host of graphic illustration methods that can really have an impact on web design if you give them the proper space. Think line drawings and sketch art to inject personality into your designs.

Feel the motion

Animation is a great way to grab a viewer’s attention and keep it for longer. If you are looking for a way to add some drama to your design, an interactive, animated object is time well spent.

See you on the GIF side

PNG, JPG and GIF extensions will go the way of the Dodo as the quality of images becomes even more important. The new must-have image extension will be SVG, which scales much more easily without losing any quality. You may also find yourself transitioning to Sketch rather than Photoshop, because Sketch provides greater web functionality.