Be a Better Leader

Born to leadership or not, you can up your game and take your team to new levels.


There’s no doubt about who’s the boss in your world, but just because the hierarchy at your company is clearly established, it doesn’t mean that your leadership skills couldn’t use some updates or a little improvement. We get that being in charge is not always easy, and at times it may be downright hard, but you can be the best leader possible if you consider the following tips.

Set the tone

As the head honcho, your actions, words and rules are the jumping off point for everything your company does. If you expect your employees to act a certain way, you have to set the example by modeling that behavior and being a setting a positive example.

Skip the bragging

It’s rare in most companies that any one person is responsible for a success. Always give credit to your team for a job well done. Likewise, if you mess up, own it. Your employees will respect your ability to recognize your mistakes and not pass the buck. Finally, be the first to ask for help if you need it to demonstrate your human side. People like humble way more than braggy.

Communicate openly

Issues are going to arise in any workplace from time to time. The key is ensuring that your employees feel you are approachable and open to talking to them when this happens. The sooner you can address any problems or misunderstandings—after listening to your employees with an open mind and your full attention—the faster the issue can be resolved.

Seek feedback

Having someone that you can reach out to for advice and feedback, aka a mentor, is a great idea for any business owner or company leader. It can be easy to get caught in a vacuum at the top of your business’s food chain. Knowing that there is an outsider who can give you some perspective can be invaluable.

Stay aware

Some may say that emotions should be left behind when you are work, but the reality is that people’s feelings and sensitivities aren’t so easily dismissed. Be conscious of emotions and different opinions to better understand your employees and improve all interactions.

Empower imaginations

Creativity is invaluable to your company, but are you doing all you can to encourage it? Make sure your employees know you are open to hearing their ideas, and offer feedback that is constructive. Not every idea will be a winner, but encouraging employees to engage their creativity helps them reach their full potential, which will ultimately benefit your business.

Be positive and passionate

If your team senses you aren’t committed to your work, they won’t see any reason to be either. Your dedication and confidence, even when things aren’t going well, are vital to ensuring that things will turn around. Positivity is easy when times are good, but maintaining that same spirit is a must to encourage staff when there is a failure.

Give challenges

We all get bored doing the same thing, day after day. To keep your staff energized and committed, you need to offer new challenges to them. These tasks need to be ones that fall within the employee’s abilities, but they should still allow room to stretch and grow. As the work is done, constructive feedback is key to build confidence.