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For hotels, the right branding can be the difference between success and failure. Find a way to create the perfect home away from home for your guests.

If you are in the hotel business, you obviously spend some serious time thinking about the quality of your service to your customers. How you can improve things so they will not only come back again, but also recommend your brand or location to others. But do you ever take a moment to consider if your branding is as innovative and thoughtful as it can be? Read on for some ideas on how branding can ensure that your properties are attracting guests that will become loyal and lifelong customers.

Forget being all things for all people

Sure, hotels may wish, in the darkest depths of their hearts, that they could appeal to every potential customer. But we all know that simply isn’t possible. So, the first thing a property or group of properties needs to banish is this idea of appealing to everyone. The key to success is crafting a message that effectively promotes your brand to your target audience to obtain the maximum appeal and exposure. While branding often is focused on the story of your location, it also includes how your people share that story through their interactions. Enforcing your brand, and creating loyal customers, comes from staff interactions. Part of your branding efforts must include a plan and protocols for employees to follow to ensure guest satisfaction.

 Rise above the crowd

Next, you should be focusing on what your hotel’s story is. What makes your property unique? How can you share that story in a way that maximizes your brand’s appeal? Whatever strength or differentiator you have should be the point that you center your branding message around. But don’t think you can make stuff up. Customers can sniff out fakery fast these days; you need to be honest and transparent if you want to stay in the hearts and minds of your clients.

Make the price right

There are a multitude of budgets out there and many reasons why someone seeks a hotel. Some are price conscious, while others are focused on amenities of location. Once you have determined what your target demographic is, your pricing strategy should fall in line pretty easily behind that. Once you stop trying to compete with other brands and locations on price, you may find that your appeal to your core customer increases. 

Listen to your customers

We mentioned the importance of creating a branded experience via the service that your staff offers customers. The final component to consider when you are working on your hotel’s branding strategies is the feedback you receive from your guests. The most authentic experiences happen when you listen to the intel from your existing audience. What do they desire in a hotel? What makes them feel comfortable? Why do they decide to come back to a location? How have they been dissatisfied in the past? Even if your property has been up and running for some time, it’s always a good idea to regularly check in and take the pulse of your guests. Over time, your customer base may have evolved, and you may need to revisit your branding strategies and update them accordingly.