All the cool kids use Squarespace


Why we think your website should be built on Squarespace.

For some, the idea of building a website is scary and off-putting. But it doesn’t have to be. And one way to ensure that your website building experience doesn’t leave you terrorized is by using Squarespace. It’s so super user-friendly that we even tell our clients that they can manage content updates themselves. Here’s more about why we recommend the platform for your next web makeover.

  1. Sometimes more is simply more.

    Squarespace isn’t going to give you all the themes that say, Wordpress, will. But that’s ok in our eyes. After all, it can be harder to find what you love when your choices seem limitless. Plus, the options you will find on Squarespace are very flexible and simple to personalize.

  2. Who doesn’t love easy?

    Just about anyone can handle the user interface on Squarespace, no fancy coding knowledge is required.

  3. Plays well with others.

    Another plus in the Squarespace column is that it works well on a variety of platforms and devices. Whether your site is being viewed on a mobile device or a desktop, everything looks perfect.

  4. Allows you to be social.

    While there are platforms that allow you to link to the various social sites, Squarespace has customized widgets, which let you create links to your social presence that feel like a part of your site.

  5. Keepin’ it secure.

    Security may not be the first thing that comes to your mind with your website redesign, but it’s just one more thing that Squarespace handles for you. All of their apps, widgets, etc. are controlled by them, meaning there’s no chance for someone to sneak in via some loophole.