Boost your brand

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7 ways to show off your fresh new branding.

Congrats! You’ve refreshed/redesigned/reimagined your logo. (And hopefully you checked out our Loco for Logo’s post before you did!) Now that you have that snazzy new emblem of your business, you want to show it off, right? Here’s some ideas for how to do just that—online and off.

  1. Social media

    Your Facebook, your Twitter, your Instagram—these should be the first places you display your new and improved logo to the masses. Anywhere your business is represented (so don’t forget about LinkedIn, YouTube, Digg or Reddit either), you want to put your new logo out there. Each social media site has rules about the size of your image file, so be sure you follow those parameters.

  2. Your website

    Another important space to be putting your new logo front and center is going to be your company’s website. If you aren’t already doing so, your new logo can be used instead of the typical home button on your site.

  3. Emails

    Include your logo at the top of the body copy of any emails sent by your company. Another idea is to have it as part of your signature at the end of your emails.

  4. Presentations

    Doing a PowerPoint for a client or even for your own employees? Every slide is an opportunity to reinforce your branding by including your new logo.

  5. Other tech tidbits

    Ever notice the tiny logo’s that show up to the left of the browser’s address field? Those are called favicons, and it’s another place you can display your new fancy logo. Or use it as your gravatar (aka globally recognized avatars) when you comment on blogs.

  6. Business cards, etc.

    Perhaps the most obvious offline use of your logo is on your company’s business cards, as well as any stationary, mailing labels and other business-related paper forms.

  7. Swag

    An excellent way to promote your business, and utilize your updated logo, is through company-branded swag. From water bottles, to T-shirts, tote bags to coffee cups, put your business out there with your logo prominently displayed.