Visual Tricks and Treats

Time to prep your peepers for the latest visual trends that will be ruling imagery across all mediums in the months to come.



bold patterns / bright colors / candids

The latest photography trends are not about going gentle into that good night. Rather, expect to see a lot of bright, vibrant colors and bold patterns, often paired together in a way that can’t help but grab attention.

The flip side of this is an increase in candid photography that is evocative and personal, expressing a more introspective mood.


retro / bold type / bold type with vibrant colors

The love of all things retro is now extending into type treatments. Whether it’s an over-the-top 80s vibe that instantly recalls the Miami Vice era or a more 1950s drive-in feel, expect to see typography that instantly transports you back to another time.

Even when typography isn’t directly linking to another decade it is all about going big these days, with bold typefaces that demand attention, particularly when paired with equally bold and bright hues.



overlapping text and images / gradients / duotones

Visually, tastes have evolved, which is why more sophisticated design techniques such as overlapping text and imagery are making big inroads. Think of it as multi-tasking for your eyes.

Another play on this more worldly-wise aesthetic can be found in the increased allure of gradients and duotones. Both feel fresh and new — visually speaking — without being fussy or overwhelming.