Technology and Marketing

Like all industries, digital transformation is rapidly changing how communicators connect with audiences. The future is coming. Is your marketing plan embracing tomorrow’s technology today? 


mobile content

Screens have shrunk, but demand has grown.

The smartphone takeover of our world is complete. According to Google, the number of mobile search queries is now higher than those from desktops. Savvy marketers must create content for that medium that fosters engagement. This is particularly important when clients’ customers are connecting to them, whether by using their products or consuming content throughout the customer journey.

virtual reality

Telling stories just took on a whole new dimension.

The possibilities for leveraging virtual reality technology in marketing is boundless. We all crave interaction on a human level—no one “likes” being sold to. Virtual reality brings a rich, immersive experience into customers’ lives, and the technology to produce and consume this content continues to become more affordable. Virtual reality makes consumers feel like they are truly part of a campaign or activation.

video content

Wise use of video can reap significant results.

There’s no doubt video tells a great story and has longevity. But you have to avoid its common pitfalls. Video content should be auditioned to see what resonates, especially when it comes to engagement. Determine what information performs best, then translate that into video content. When you do, you will end up with dynamic storytelling that offers multiple touch points to promote your client’s brand.

digital assistance

Machines are already problem solving for us, what’s next?

Expect rapid evolution in personal assistants, such as Siri or Alexa, in the years to come. These devices are integrating themselves into our lives and will soon be capable of natural human conversation. In five years, you probably won’t need to even ask your questions as predictive software improves. There are always adjustments with new technology, but the marketing implications in this area are huge.

personalized tech

Yes, personalization makes you feel special, but it can do so much more.

Some people may not like it, but enormous amounts of personal data are now available for companies to use. But it’s only recently that the opportunity for personalization has really blossomed. From our many devices (wearables, smartphones), to virtual reality, to social networks, advertisers can know more about you, what you like and why. Sometimes they can predict what you want before you know it yourself.