Typography Time

Even letters and numbers change with the times.
How up-to-date is your typography?

Typography and design go hand in hand. And those who love typography know they stand on the shoulders of giants, such as Nicholas Jenson, Aldus Manutius, Francesco Griffo and, of course, Johannes Gutenberg, while understanding that the field continues to evolve.

Today there are thousands of typefaces, from the old-school script to the modern pixelated. We’re going to go down the typographic trends rabbit hole to see what the future holds. Whether you hew to the serif or san-serif side, those with a love of design will want to sit up and take notice.

Make a statement.

2017 is not the year for shrinking violets in terms of typography—big and bold are hot. On the flip side, tiny text packs its own powerful wallop, especially when paired with negative space. These dueling styles demand your attention by either being in your face or requiring you to seek them out.


Make a transition.

We’ve mentioned color transitions being big before for logo design, which is also evident in typography’s latest trends. ADD LINK (see our post, Loco for Logos)

Make it weighty.


Another fun look that is drawing attention is typography that creates a visual hierarchy via size and weight of the font, even the positioning or color of the text can accomplish this.

Make it animated.


Again, as seen with logo trends, animated typography feels very fresh and now.

Make it combined.

Placing photography within the typeface is another creative and eye-catching approach that is gaining steam in 2017.

Make it geometric.

Creating typography that is strongly influenced by geometric shapes lends a more modern look to the design.

Make it paired.

This one isn’t brand-spanking new this year, but pairing two different fonts continues to be a popular trend used by many.