Communications Self Help

Want to improve your company’s voice?
We’ve got some tips to help you get your message out.

As communicators, our big goal is to share information. We are constantly striving to be clearer, more direct and just generally better at conveying our messages to our audiences. You want to do the same when it comes to your customers—they need to hear what you are saying, without any interference or uncertainty. These tips will help:

1.     Be real.

We are real people communicating with other real people (unless the robot overlords have finally taken over). So, remember that in your communication with your customers/clients, and strive to be authentic and genuine in your tone.

2.     Create personas.

When you craft a buyer persona to help guide your company’s communication voice, it can keep you focused. Think of it as an imaginary friend that helps guide you to what a particular customer will want.

3.     Show yourself.

When it comes to your company and its brand, a big part of that hinges on the personality behind the company. Don’t be afraid to let who you are come through in your communications. This helps people connect with your business—be professional but personable.

4.     Practice relevance.

Whatever content you communicate needs to be relevant to your customer—don’t throw stuff out there just to fling words into the abyss. Put some effort into researching what they need, what they are asking about, what their interests are, then use that information to guide your content.

5.     Offer help.

Responses to customer service inquiries should be genuinely helpful. Your answers and solutions must also be timely if you want to build relationships.

6.     Spotlight others.

It is ok, actually more than ok, to occasionally dip your toe into content that isn’t solely focused on your company or your products. If you think it is relevant news for your customer, go ahead and share it with them—they will appreciate your selflessness.

7.     Remember fun.

Not every bit of communication you share with customers needs to be a hard (or soft) sell about your business. Occasionally posting or promoting content that is merely enjoyable or educational, just because you think your customers may find it intriguing, will surprise and delight.