Loco for Logos

Thinking of redesigning your company’s logo? Here’s a few factors to consider.

Is it time to rethink your logo design? Well, that depends on many factors, but just like hairstyles (think Farrah Fawcett’s iconic feathered flip or Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel) logo trends aren’t static. Deciding whether to subtly evolve your logo’s look, as Google has done, or something more dramatic, as BP has done over its almost 100-year history, depends on a couple of factors.

Getting a little long in the tooth?

Some companies will tweak their logos an almost imperceptible amount every year—Coke is known for this. Others may do something more obvious every few years. But if your logo has not been refreshed in some time, it is probably a good idea to do some updates.

Should you simplify your look?

Digital design practically necessitates logos that are cleaner and less complicated than those created prior to the rise of the internet. If your logo doesn’t translate well online and on social media sites, you definitely will want to check into an update that simplifies the design.

Are you experiencing any big changes?

Another reason you may want to revisit the look of your logo is if your company is undergoing a major transformation, or maybe you have simply experienced significant growth since you first started. Both are powerful reasons to take a moment to evaluate your logo and determine if it is still meeting all your needs.

What about following the crowd?

Which all brings us back to trends in logos. Times change, and it can be easy to ignore that as it applies to your logo. But you do so at your own risk. Not sure what trends to consider for a logo redesign? We’ve highlighted some of 2017’s hottest for you:


Minimalism is here to stay. Saying more with less does not seem to be fading from favor in terms of logo design. Speaking of which, cropped logos, where only a partial view of the design is shown, take this trend to the next level.

Hand drawn offers authenticity. For certain crafty, artisan-style businesses, the influence of the hipsters is still strong, i.e. logos that look hand drawn are where it’s at. In a similar vein, line art is big for establishments that view themselves as more modern.


Old school styles return. Both the use of geometrics and negative space in logos are trends we’ve seen before, but they are experiencing a revival. Speaking of old school, logos that play off more vintage imagery are also popping up more and more.


Movement and motion are big. Whether it is logos that are animated or color transitions, adding elements of movement to a logo are popular currently. 


More visual imagery. Perhaps bucking the minimal trend are logos that incorporate illustrations or photography. Both add a touch of personalization, which offers tons of appeal for some and a nice contrast between the text and the image.