The 411 on Video

More and more consumers are clicking on videos, which is why if you
aren’t making them, you should be.

Whether it’s Instagram Stories or Facebook Live or even Snapchat, video online is really garnering some attention these days. In fact, according to a Cisco white paper, more than 80 percent of all consumer internet traffic will be video traffic by 2020. What’s more, by the same year, every second almost a million minutes of video content will pass over global IP networks. Video is serious stuff, and those in marketing that ignore it, do so at their business’s peril.

What are the trends? What are people responding to? What should you look for when overseeing a video project for your brand? We’ve got you covered:

What to watch

Because we think that everything should be linked back to food, the best description for the trend in video content is “snackable.” People want to watch something that grabs their attention and that is quickly and easily viewed. An amuse-bouche for the eyeballs if you will. Maybe this helps explain the popularity of Snapchat’s disappearing videos and why Instagram and Facebook are so hot to copy those efforts.

Here’s what we know—video is only going to gain in popularity over the next three to five years. In the meantime, trends will change, so the key is figuring out what your audience responds to best. Don’t be afraid to experiment as you determine what works for you.

What to consider

We know we got you all excited about the idea of using video projects to promote your business or brand, but let’s talk about one more thing before you start prepping for your close-up—What is your video’s purpose?

In the past, videos were shown to boost search engine results, often appearing higher up in a search than text web pages. Also, back in 2015, Google appeared to be legitimizing the use of video ads in search results, something Bing and Yahoo had already been attempting. The latest is Google’s announcement that you will be able to search videos’ content using Google Cloud Video Intelligence for specific objects.

These are all solid reasons you should be incorporating video in your marketing efforts, but having a motivation beyond what is mentioned above will only offer more focus to your ideas so you connect even better with your audience.

What to do

  • Ready to give this video thing a whirl? We’ve got some tips to ensure that your efforts start off on the right track.
  • Love the one you’re with—You have an existing audience, tailoring your video content to what you know they are interested in is a good place to start.
  • Long day, short night—Let’s face it, our attention spans aren’t exactly getting longer, so keep your videos brief and to the point.
  • Your cheatin’ heart—Unlike in dating, showcasing your videos on multiple social media sites isn’t infidelity, it’s simply good sense.
  • Here we are now, entertain us—We find videos inherently entertaining. If someone likes your video, they will most likely watch the entire thing, but also (fingers crossed) share it.