How to Craft a More Successful LinkedIn Post

10 tips you should emulate to get your content shared.

Want someone other than your mom or dad to share your LinkedIn post? Of course you do. We’ve drilled down the 10 tips that can get your content off the ground and soaring into the sharing stratosphere before you know it. You’re welcome.

Keep your headline short and sweet. The posts that regularly do the best have headlines in the 40- to 49-character range.


Remember to add some images. The bare minimum is one image, but the most successful posts average eight images.


Steer clear of the embedded videos. While images in a LinkedIn post are a good idea, videos and multimedia assets cause viewing numbers to drop.

Focus on “How to” topics or lists. Who doesn’t love a list? Posts that pose a question in the headline succeed less frequently. We also reshare LinkedIn posts that detail how to accomplish something.

Group your content into five headings. We thought three was the magic number, but apparently in the land of LinkedIn, folks like content best that is formatted into five, easy to read chunks.

Give them more words. We had to sit down for a minute when we unearthed this nugget of information—people prefer posts around 2,000 words on LinkedIn. We understand if you feel the vapors coming on, we’ll give you a moment.

Keep it neutral. The world has a lot of feeling going around these days, and many people are choosing sides. That being said, a study of the most successful LinkedIn content reveals that posts that kept their language neutral, not trying to be overly positive or negative in tone, were the most successful in terms of shares. Just the facts, ma’am …

Write for a pre-teen. Another key to increasing your posts’ shares is keeping the ‘ole readability scores down. The Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease test measures how challenging the text is. A standard rating is 65 and means that 13 to 15 year olds and 80 percent of adults can easily read the text. Aim for about an 11-year-old reading level to ensure the most people can understand and appreciate your content.

Be sure to cross pollinate. Bring more eyeballs to your LinkedIn posts by promoting them on other social media outlets. There appears to be a particularly beneficial link between Twitter and LinkedIn.

Encourage readers to like your post. The more likes your post earns, the better chance you have of your LinkedIn post being shared. Don’t be afraid to remind readers with a call to action at the beginning or end of your post, prompting them to like your content.