Before You Make a Branded Video

Tossing around the idea of making a branded video? Read this before you start.

Branded videos may seem like a scary thing, but if you think it out and do some careful pre-planning, you may be surprised at how painless (and ultimately helpful) the project can be. So, jump in boys and girls! The water is fine.

Prepare for your close up.

According to a Cisco white paper, in 2016 60 percent of mobile data traffic was video, and that number is supposed to climb to 78 percent by 2021. We get it—videos are kinda popular. We aren’t one to look down on you if you aren’t sitting with the cool kids in the school cafeteria, but branded video is clearly a trend that more companies need to explore if they want to stay top of mind with their audiences.

Fight the fear.

Yes, videos may look different than static content, but they still operate under the same rules. So don’t be scared of them. What you think about when crafting a good written message—how you choose to tell your story—applies to branded videos as well. You want both to be well-thought out, well-made and well-focused. Be sure to consider your audience when creating the content (in any format). What will your viewer find compelling? What are they interested in? What are they clamoring to know more about? And finally, how can you share a message that addresses those things without banging them about the head with your product.

And one more thing, when you are considering your viewer, remember what devices they will be viewing your video content on. Then test your content on tablets and smartphones to see how it holds up.

Hit the books.

Before you embark on a branded video strategy, it’s also important to understand what the medium is all about. Do a little research. Learn what potential branded video holds for your company, as well as more about the metrics that measure video’s effectiveness. After all, making the video is one thing, but if no one engages with it, you’ve got the proverbial tree falling in the woods situation. If no one hears your message, you’ve accomplished nothing for your brand.