Female Focused

Women’s Symposium aims to inspire and empower Alamance County women.

The 90s may have been all about girl power, but today’s woman knows that to get ahead we have to take it to the next level.

The 90s may have been all about girl power, but today’s woman knows that to get ahead we have to take it to the next level.

The 2nd Annual Women’s Symposium hosted by the Alamance Chamber was held March 3, 2017, and focused on cultivating connections and expressing success for women leaders and entrepreneurs in Alamance County. More than 230 women attended, including our own co-founder Christine Xoinis, who contributed to the moderated panel discussion.

The event was kicked off with table topics where attendees discussed things such as communication dynamics and teaching women to ask for assistance in the workplace. Human behavior expert Colette Carlson and founder of Speak Your Truth, Inc., a personal development company, gave the keynote address, sharing her insight into the difference between speaking your truth and speaking your mind, as well as advice on how women can build strategic relationships in the workplace.

For Christine, the takeaway from Carlson’s address was that although everyone thinks they have unique problems, women are united by the issues they face. “We all have to wear multiple hats and deal with the same stressors, so we should develop a sense of camaraderie from that instead of working in individual silos,” Christine said. “We should try to help each other—there are a lot of women in the workforce, and if we all started helping each other we could really get ahead.” 

Another central theme of the symposium was an effort to encourage more Alamance County women to go out on their own and start businesses. “Alamance County has very few female owned businesses,” Christine explained. “It all goes back to women thinking they can't do it or don’t have all the pieces, but no one does, they figure it out as they go along. So the biggest step is just doing it.”

During the moderated panel discussion, Christine answered questions posed by Dr. Naeemah Clark, Elon University School of Communications. Other panelists included Dr. Yun L. Bolyston, Burlington Pediatrics P.A. and Lori Seiler, co-founder Seiler Services Inc. The discussion centered on how the women made the decision to open their own businesses, as well as the benefits of their business being located in Alamance County and how women can best delegate their business’s workload and utilize their employees' skills.

In addition, attendees enjoyed a vendor exhibition, which included tables from Alamance Arts, Alamance Community College, Cone Health WomenHeart Support, Elon University’s Anatomical Gift Program and the United Way of Alamance County, among others.