LinkedIn—The Social Network for Writing

Posts and shares are up; here’s why you should ride LinkedIn’s content wave.

For people who like words, we recommend you check out LinkedIn, and pronto. Why you say? You aren’t looking to network or build connections? Well, the social media site that started out as the online resume mecca has become more than a job search destination. LinkedIn’s now riding a trend wave of popularity, particularly in terms of informative posts that we strongly suggest you learn more about.

Where everybody knows your words

Sometimes those of us who deal in words can feel a bit maligned—those pretty pictures, much like our younger, cuter brother, seem to grab all the attention. But then LinkedIn came along and made words matter again. And we mean lots of words. LinkedIn rewards long-form posts of 1,000 to 3,000 words the most. Suddenly we felt appreciated again, dare we say it, even loved, like we had found a place where we could take a break from all our worries.

How does LinkedIn work out to be the kind of place where you can see writing troubles are all the same? Well it might have something to do with what content is the most successful on LinkedIn. Posts that offer some wisdom, telling people what they have learned, i.e. “I did X; I learned Y,” were shared the most. We are gravitating toward professional writing that details how to do something in the workplace better.

And the words are always glad you came

Another hallmark of effective LinkedIn writing was content that focused on growth and change. We like our how-to content to come served with a heaping side of positivity. The general vibe is of a kindly mentor dispensing advice to their advisees. That bring us to another important trend—personalization. The posts that receive the most shares are often ones that dispense this positive, professional advice with a personal slant.

Positive, personal and professional—let’s see, any other p-words of advice that we can offer to guide you on your LinkedIn long-form content path? Keep it practical. LinkedIn is all about succeeding in your career, so any content you create for the site needs to bear that reality in mind.

Words are all the same

Lastly, one of the great things about content on LinkedIn is its egalitarianism. Yes, LinkedIn has influencers, but their content doesn’t appear to hold more sway than that of the average Joe posting. Research from the Content Marketing Institute found that only six percent of the 10,000 most-shared content pieces since 2011 were written by a so-called Influencer. And even the biggest influencers on LinkedIn varied widely in the amount of content they produced.

All that means is you don’t have to be the biggest fish in the pond (or the most prolific) to generate interest in your content. You just need to provide some valuable information that is relevant to readers.