Top Ten Infographic Styles

Think that if you’ve seen one infographic you’ve seen them all? There are actually 10 basic types, and we’ve got the lowdown on each one.

In a previous post, we offered some tips and advice on how to Build a Better Infographic. But we didn’t delve into the fact that there are a number of styles based on the nature of the story you are trying to tell. Some of the best infographics combine a number of these techniques. Without further ado, we give you the top 10 types of infographics:

1.    Statistical

As the name states, this infographic is chock full of data in the form of graphs, lists or charts.

2.    Timeline

Want to show the progression of something over time (think the changes in a child’s height)? You will want to opt for an infographic that incorporates a timeline.

3.    Process

Picture the board for The Game of Life, how you progress from school to a job to married life and kids. That kind of chart, which sometimes shows the branches that occur in decision-making, is the basis of the process infographic.

4.    Informational

Got a message that is less about hard numbers and more about summarizing details and factual tidbits? This type of content calls for an informational infographic. (Think “10 Tips for Creating a Better Infographic.”)

5.    Geographic

If your information is based on location, you want to ensure your infographic includes a map.

6.    Compare/Contrast

Trying to share with your audience the pros and cons of vanilla versus chocolate ice cream? You will want to use a compare and contrast infographic.

7.    Hierarchical

A great example of this type of infographic is the former Food Guide Pyramid promoted by the USDA. A hierarchical infographic shows when one fact or detail ranks higher than others.

8.    Research-based

A close cousin to the statistical infographic, an infographic that is research-based tends to concentrate on comparing dissimilar types of data.

9.    Interactive

Interested in allowing your audience to participate in your infographic? An interactive option is web-based and allows participants to modify the information.

10.  Word Cloud

Linking words to concepts visually is the purpose behind a word cloud infographic.