Build a Better Infographic

How to create compelling graphics that convey a complex message quickly.

While infographics are hot right now, they aren’t anything new. Infographics have been around for almost 41,000 years, since modern humans first drew on cave walls. Those cave drawings were one of the earliest ways that humans communicated, their primitive means of telling and passing on a story.

This rich history speaks to the effectiveness of infographics, but it doesn’t mean creating a good one is easy. If you’re producing more infographics for your organization, you’re probably wondering how you can make them more compelling. Here’s some quick tips:

Start with your story.

Don’t dive in by simply illustrating the data at hand. Reframe the creation of your infographic by first thinking of what you want your audience to learn—tell a story, be a bit unconventional and try to offer some fresh insight.

Treat your data correctly.

One number is not the same as another. What do we mean? Well, if you are using a single important number as one “chapter” in your story, you will want to visually treat that number differently than if you are comparing multiple data points. Comparing multiple numbers requires charts and graphs to get your point across.

Make your infographic pretty.

A poorly designed infographic is not going to get much traction with your audience. Not sure where to start? Google away to find other graphics as inspiration. Share these with your creative team and talk them through your initial ideas.

Share it with the world.

Think making the infographic was the hard part? Think again. Distribution will definitely require diligence, especially if your business or brand is just starting out. You can turn your infographic into a blog post and promote it via your social media channels. Send it as an email to your contact list. Take advantage of your existing clients or contacts and ask them to share it.

Don’t get frustrated.

Whether you are developing an infographic yourself or working with an internal or external team, realize that it’s a challenging task. Make sure you give your team enough time to uncover compelling data points and pull it all together in a logical and visually appealing visual.