2017 Design Trends

Design is ever changing—discover the latest trends that will inspire your work in the months ahead.

Remember parachute pants? Ok, maybe you’re too young for that. What about flannel or trucker hats? Anyway, our point is that trends come and go—and not just in fashion. What are some of the design trends that might hit it big in 2017? Read on for some things we think will have an impact:

Moving pictures excite.

Cinemagraphs, static images with a moving element in the background, can peak viewers’ interest, while animation continues to grow in popularity, too.


Bold colors energize.

A surefire way to grab eyeballs is with bright pops of color.


Flat design evolves.

Some dimension, via shadows, is creeping into the flat design aesthetic that has ruled of late.


Shapes and patterns expand.

The use of geometric shapes in design appears to be another popular look on the rise.


Custom illustrations explode.

We love personalization, and this trend feeds off that as more and more websites, etc. opt for custom graphics and illustrations.