Write the Right Words

Good content is important. Here's how to know if yours is up to snuff.

Coming up with quality content is not the cake walk you might think at first. Trust us, we’ve seen lots of people think that writing a couple of paragraphs is no biggie, anyone can do it, and the end result is a jumbled pile of words that are either too high falutin’ or too simplistic with some serious grammatical flaws to boot. Want to make sure your organization is nailing it when it comes to the written word? The following list queues up the 10 questions you should be asking yourself before you hit print, send or post:


Does the content have one? Is it authentic to your company/voice/mission? Does it indicate that you know what you are talking about?


What is the perspective of the content? Does it come off as generic, or is there a specific voice that is interesting and true to you? (Hint, you want the latter.)


Have you included links, images, SEO words that create more context in the content and provide more value to your readers?


Is the writing credible and authoritative? Does it show that your organization is a leader in your field, and that you truly are experts on the topic?


Did your copy go through a thorough editing and proofreading phase to tighten up the text, deleting any unnecessary or flowery words and catching any mistakes?


Does all of your information pass the sniff test, meaning is it factual and true?


Are there actionable takeaways that your reader will leave with after reading your content? Will they have been inspired to do something? Will they have had an emotional response?


Is the content you are presenting easy to read? Has it been formatted in a way that pulls readers in, giving them multiple entry points via subheads or bullet lists?


Has the content followed your style guide or editorial guidelines? You do have a style guide, right? If not, head here pronto.


Finally, ask yourself if the content you have created adds value to your company and to your audience? If not, it’s time for a rewrite.