Why Your Business Needs Content Marketing

Consumers won’t notice you unless you put yourself out there.
Strong, quality content is the answer.


Once upon a time, television turned off at midnight. The Star Spangled Banner played, the screen went fuzzy and that was all she wrote until the early morning when the content all started over again.

What we are getting at is—it was a simpler time. There were fewer distractions, and it was easier for your brand to get noticed. If you are still living in that midnight-cued fuzzy screen world, then you have some catching up to do.

Nobody Likes to be Ignored

Very few people like to be ignored in real life. For any business, flying under the public’s radar can be the kiss of death. When you start to think more seriously about content marketing, it’s imperative that you think about how you are currently communicating with your customers. It may even be helpful to have an outsider run through some examples of your content to see if it comes off as too heavy on the sales-speak. Your content should be perceived as providing valuable information instead of as an interruption.

Be Out and Proud

Now that you are thinking about capturing your customers’ attention in a way that is beneficial to them, it’s time to turn your focus to ensuring you are reaching out with content on a regular basis. People’s lives are busy: constant reinforcement of your name and brand is needed if you want to stay top of mind. Meanwhile, new content shows customers you are not only responsive, but also knowledgeable. So remember—a steady schedule makes you familiar and fresh.

Establish Street Cred

Odds are you aren’t the only company doing what you do in your market. So how do you differentiate yourself from the herd? One idea is to use content marketing to help you earn a reputation as the go-to expert. When you show potential customers that you are willing to part with a little bit of your expertise gratis, they will start to view you as a trusted source, a brand that is in it to help, not merely make a buck. (Although yes, that is nice, too.)

Broaden Your Horizons

For any business, another important tactic is to be as diverse as possible in regards to how you put content out there. Giving people a reason to visit your site again and again helps boost your search engine ranking, which in turn can boost your chances someone will find you when searching for your product or services. Embrace multiple strategies, from social media to pay-per-click advertising, because one avenue does not offer the golden ticket.

Keep It Fresh

Last but not least, in today’s world your website is often the first thing people see about your company. If it looks neglected or out of date, potential customers may assume your product or service also isn’t up to par. Content marketing is an easy and relatively painless way for you to regularly update your site so that it doesn’t come off as stale or unprofessional. Unless you are hoping to taking bad content and design to the next level (lingscars.com has garnered a lot of interest for its commitment to what is a questionable—at best—aesthetic), you want your website to offer the best possible first, second and third impression.