Bigger, Better, Best?

We may logically know that quantity is not indicative of quality, but it’s a hard notion to shake—even when it comes to marketing and content.

There is something in the psyche of our nation that simply thinks bigger is better. Those “beautiful for spacious skies” have just hardwired our brains that way. But sometimes you simply have to fight your instincts, and here’s why:

Get it right the first time
SEO and Google are part of the digital age, you can adapt or you can fall by the wayside. Don’t try to game the system though. Not only are Google’s brainiacs constantly tweaking their search algorithms to thwart these sort of efforts, but also trying to boost your rankings via a flood of content or SEO shenanigans isn’t going to accomplish as much as you hope.

But stop and think about it for a second. Do you really believe that a vast amount of sub-par content is going to generate more interest in your business? Which do you prefer? I would imagine it’s a few, thoughtful, insightful and intelligent posts that really teach you something. And your clients feel the same.

You probably think this post is about you
Call it vain if you must, but the content you create needs to be centered on your customers’ needs. What is relevant to them? If you stick to this idea in all things you will be crafting information that they want to read—always a plus.

Next, when it comes to SEO keep it relevant. When clients search for information, you want them to find your company or product because the content addresses what they are asking for, not because you have snuck in unrelated terminology.

Finally, keep it current. The content you create needs to not only address the basic needs and questions your clients may have, but also should stay abreast of new developments in your field. Outdated information signals that you aren’t on the top of your game.

Boosting performance metrics temporarily may look good for the moment, but it doesn’t indicate any really increase in your bottom line. Your end goal isn’t just views or clicks, but more sales and profits coming in. If prospects think your content is quality, you won’t need massive quantities of it to convert them to loyal paying clients.