Using Social Media to Discover Talent

Technology has changed the way that potential employees learn about companies. Here’s how you can make social media work for you when it comes to recruitment.

Think that social media is just for cat videos and pictures of your dinner? Well think again, social media has become the way to recruit talent for many businesses. In fact, a study conducted by the McQuaig Institute, a talent management solutions provider, found that 69 percent of companies are using some form of social media in their hiring process.

Even if you know how important social media is for your business, do you know how to turn it into the next big thing in recruitment? We’ve got some suggestions to get you going.

Set the stage

Social media is great not only for sharing your company’s style and personality, but also for indirectly communicating the personality type you are seeking. Take advantage of your business’s Facebook or LinkedIn pages to express a bit more about your culture with pictures and videos. For instance, if you have one day of the week where people can bring in their pets, put up a picture of Fido and Spot bonding at the water cooler. Meanwhile, let potential recruits know what you’re looking for by creating detailed job postings that explain the kind of position you have and the skills and traits the ideal candidate would possess. And don’t be afraid to ask your existing employees to advocate for your business in their social media feeds.

Pay it forward

If you are willing to make a little investment in your recruitment efforts, social media can be a smart place to spend your money. Both Facebook and LinkedIn provide paid opportunities to post job listings. LinkedIn allows you to purchase a single 30-day post or a package. Prices also vary depending on the part of the country you want to advertise in. On Facebook, you can take advantage of their advertising to garner recruitment interest. The social media site offers a cost-per-click model. Things like location, education and your industry can be used to help target your ad to the appropriate candidates, and, best of all, you only have to pay if a person clicks on your ad.

Dig deeper

Finally, social media can help you delve into a prospective employee’s background a bit more. For instance, you can use Twitter to find candidates by searching for hashtags and keywords based on a job title or industry. If you plan to use social media to see if a candidate has the skills and experience you are looking for, reach out to let that person know. By informing them of your intentions, you communicate your respect for them and get things started on the right foot.