Creating Clout

Public relations used to be a numbers game—send out enough
releases and something would hit. That era has come and gone,
now companies have to play by a new set of rules.


Find the right influencer

Maybe you already know an influencer on social media that fits with your brand or product. You’ll want to pitch them an idea that is mutually beneficial—after all, why should they leverage the trust of their audience for you without something in return?

If you don’t have a blogger or social media personality in mind that could serve as your influencer, consider reaching out to your existing clients to see what social media they are most engaged with. Again, make it worth their while by offering some sort of incentive to respond.

Create a story with multiple entry points

In today’s world you have to quickly seize a potential customer’s interest—people skim, they don’t dive into the deep end. So be prepared to tell a good story, with multiple entry points that allow people to quickly understand what you are offering. Visuals, such as videos and infographics, are a great way to catch the eye of today’s on-the-move influencers. It also offers shareable content that they can repost on social media, amplifying content and adding credibility.


Make the most of web analytics

You want people to find your website within the first page of their online search—very few people click on results from the second page. This is where a solid command of web analytics, such as Google Analytics, comes into play. Think about the traits and preferences that explain and define your audience. The next step is to delve into the keywords that reflect these characteristics. You will also want to utilize web analytics to determine which keywords are leading people to your site. Finally, review your company’s communications, from press releases to social media posts, to ensure that those keywords are accurately used to further drive customers to you.