Put Yourself Out There

Successful marketing is a little bit like dating — you have to be willing to continually put yourself out there, to understand that you will face rejection and to learn which approaches people respond to the most.

A content-rich email newsletter is a tried-and-true method of staying in touch with your customers. But just because you are sending a newsletter out doesn’t mean you are successfully reaching your clients. To ensure that is happening, you need to create a lasting impression via content that is engaging, memorable and respectful of your customers’ time. Here’s how:

Have a mission. Think, really think, about what you want to accomplish with your newsletter. Is its purpose to promote you business? Do you need it to be more focused on marketing or relationship building? Or are you simply looking for a way to inform your customers? Pick a direction and stick with it. Being consistent is key.

Provide useful information. The content of your newsletter should be timely and something that your customers will want to know. Do you have a new service or product you want to inform them about? Have you noticed a problem and created a solution that would benefit your clients? You want to provide information that is beneficial. And if the content is extensive (and vital enough!) that you can’t fit it into one newsletter then do a series. It keeps readers coming back and won’t short-change the content.

Publish on a schedule. We mentioned consistency in our first tip, and the idea is pertinent for how often you email your newsletter. You want your readers to anticipate your content and look forward to it. Establish a schedule for publishing your newsletter and stick to it. And this isn’t a matter of the more the merrier. If you overwhelm your customers with messages they will start to treat it all like spam. Start slow and grow as needed. The goal is to provide quality content.

Respect your reader. A lot of people feel overwhelmed these days by the volume of information coming at them. Whatever newsletter you create needs to be respectful of your readers’ time. The content should be concise, yet informative, reflective of their interests, yet infused with personality. Finding this sweet spot may take some effort, but it starts with getting to know and understand your customers’ needs. If you want them to engage with you, it is essential that you tailor your message to their issues and concerns.